Omg im dating a jonas brother

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After the happy couple officially broke the news themselves, Nick Jonas also shared the photo of the ring on his Instagram account to congratulate his older brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. " in the comments section of Joe's original photo while Maisie Williams also left a sweet comment under her bestie and co-star's post.

"Queen," she wrote next to a queen emoji followed by a pink heart.

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Turner and Jonas are officially engaged, and they just announced the news via Instagram on Sunday, Oct. As part of the announcement, both celebs took to their personal Instagram pages to share the same photo that features Turner resting her hand on Jonas's, casually showing off the gorgeous, pear-shaped diamond ring that the former Jonas Brothers member popped the question with."I said yes," 21-year-old Turner captioned the photo, while the DNCE musician wrote, "She said yes."The newly-engaged couple has been dating since November of last year when they were spotted spending time together at a Kings of Leon concert in the Netherlands, but they've kept the details of their relationship relatively private as far as social media is concerned.

It wasn't until over a month after the two became a couple that their romance became Instagram official, when the star shared a photo of Jonas holding a cigar while lounging around on a boat in Miami back in January.

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If this story was something more than fabricated rumors, then wouldn’t you think that “Justin Bieber” would certainly be a trending story on Twitter? So anyway, I’m calling “fabricated rumor” on this one, unless someone can produce more solid evidence. Do you think / know that Justin Bieber did in fact kiss a boy?