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Among his most prized possessions is the scorebook he used during the 1980 World Series when he was 10 years old.

As we scramble to plug in a replacement running back, let’s keep in mind there is a human aspect to this case.

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Elliott was accused by his ex-girlfriend in 2016 of domestic violence, but authorities in Columbus, Ohio, did not have a strong enough case, they believed, to pursue charges.So, from a criminal standpoint, Elliott was cleared.Quarterbacks: Tampa Bay’s Ryan Fitzpatrick will be starting for the fifth different team in the last seven seasons. His completion percentage, however, is an unreal 74.1 percent.Running backs: Danny Woodhead practiced this week and could return in Week 11, when he’s eligible to come off injured reserve. Matt Forte (knee) missed practice again and the Jets are playing a Bucs defense that has given up seven touchdowns to opposing RBs over the last four games.He starts out slow with Tyson, kissing his lips and kissing his way down Tyson’s tipped chest.

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Ray Rice, and his initial two-game suspension, comes immediately to mind. Alfred Morris will step in for Elliott and should be considered an RB2 for fantasy purposes.

This case has dragged on long enough that he’s been picked up in most leagues.

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Jacksonville is looking at 10-20 mph wind, but their kickers are so off the fantasy radars, it shouldn’t matter.