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Of course, I knew there was at least ONE person I could show off my new gear to - a complete and total stranger I had only talked to online who said his name was Geoff, a 42 year old sales manager.

In all our communications and picture swaps, I hadn't realized he had such thick arms. I was beginning to truly warm to him when he suggested we go downstairs.He t-shirt was tight, and I found myself lost staring at the salt and pepper hair that peaked out from the v-neck. We walked to the basement door, and he began describing his wrestling space, with mats and sound proof walls, and as my stockinged feet plodded down the steps, he told me he had a surprise.I had told him that I had recently bought a singlet, and remembered that he liked to wrestle, and had some mats.Gingerly, I asked if he would be up to "showing me some moves".There in my apartment, after stripping down, I unfolded the singlet, and slipped my legs in one at a time, before pulling the straps up over my shoulders.

Staring into the mirror again, I felt a bit embarrassed - while tall and relatively thin, I had a slight paunch and a thick patch of chest hair that fell down my stomach, before covering my cock and balls.I looked awkward in the singlet, not like a superhero or athlete.But in a way, that was kind of the thrill - being out of my element.Geoff and I had a couple months of flirtations and sexting behind us, but I had always kind of used him to get off on my own.There wasn't much of an actual relationship there, just barely an acquaintanceship, built off mutual horniness really.He was into wrestling kink, and had spurred me into orgasm on more than a few occasions with his stories and fantasies.