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I still get them a San Mig Light though, I mean it’s free to play pool, the atmosphere in the club is just fantastic and the prices are, like in all other girly bars in Subic, more than reasonable.See below for the detailed information on drink and girl prices.

This is where I took the picture and also the video at the end of the guide.

They have lovely girls who will invite you to play games and if you lose you will have to buy a lady drink.

There is also a pool billiard table in the back of the bar in case you get bored (very unlikely) or in case you want to start “playing” with your girl (very likely).

The Office closes at 2am which is earlier than most other girly bars in town so don’t come too late.

If it’s your first (or second) time in Subic then you might find it difficult to decide on which bars are worth to visit, especially if you only have two or three nights to spend here.

I have personally been to pretty much every bar in town and thought it’s a good idea to recommend you the following five best girly bars in Barrio Barretto today: One of the best girly bars in all of Subic.

And there isn’t really much to do during the daytime at all except from reading books on the beach, going for a massage and start drinking beer at noon.

What I’m talking about are the girly bars of Subic that are so much more fun than you might expect.

Of course you don’t have to play anything and can just sit down and enjoy a few San Miguels and the great view of the surrounding hills and street life from above.

It’s one of those Subic experiences you won’t forget.

Subic Bay is one of the most underrated places in the Philippines.