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The Collector (Taneleer Tivan) is showing off his latest acquisitions, the Guardians of the Galaxy, in customized display cases.However, Rocket has secretly escaped his case and asks the guests for help.

After guests are seated in the gantry lift, Rocket unplugs the system and inserts Quill's walkman starting one of the songs listed above.The ride lifts up to the generator room where Rocket blows it up, freeing the team.The Barbarians will pull together a world class squad for a tour that also includes matches against both the 2015 World Cup finalists – Australia in Sydney on October 28 and New Zealand at Twickenham on November 4, culminating with Tonga at Thomond Park on November 10.“The Barbarians are delighted to be returning to Limerick, where we’ve enjoyed success on the pitch and established a great rapport with Munster Rugby’s knowledgeable supporters,” said Barbarians President Micky Steele-Bodger.And it will be the Baa-baas' first meeting with Tonga – newly qualified as England’s World Cup rivals at Rugby World Cup in 2019 after beating Samoa in this summer’s Pacific Nations Cup.

Facing the adventurous Pacific islanders will be the third international contest in three weeks for the Barbarians.The Guardians will then reunite with Mantis who will arrive with their ship so that they can make a quick getaway.On his way out of the Collector's office, Rocket grabs Quill's walkman.The Collector reveals to the guests that they can access the facility due to their hands being coded into the system and all they have to do is raise their hands to be scanned.Afterwards, the guests are led into the Collector's office where another video of himself begins playing.Guests then board a gantry lift, where they help Rocket try to free the other Guardians.