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I didn't ring her parents but I knew his girlfriend well and I spoke to her on the phone to ask if her parents had agreed," she said.

"She said they had, and after having a think and a chat with my partner, I agreed too." What about your feelings?

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Please allow a few moments for the online connection to be established and review the rules at the bottom of this page before you enter the room.Free for Adults: Go to My Free Cams, the #1 adult webcam and sex chat community!"Trust your instincts about how your child feels," says Suzanne."If you know your teenager well, you'll know if they're relying on you to say no." If you do say no and your teen simply agrees without arguing about your decision, chances are it was what they wanted to hear. When young children ask to sleep over at a friend's house, you'd probably call the friend's parents to check it's OK with them."It's about the health and safety of everybody involved," she says.

"It's about being open and honest, and in order to do that I would feel it was important to speak to the other child's parents." So what do you do?

One mum found middle ground when her 16-year-old son wanted his girlfriend to stay for the weekend.

"Rather than asking, he more or less told me that she'd be staying over for the weekend.

Nobody likes to think of their child taking risks by having sex outdoors or in the back of a car. Well if they're living with you, there's a good chance that the safest place for your kids to have sex is under your roof.

Which is a pretty uncomfortable thought for a lot of parents.

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