Phil vassar dating

“In my career position it’s hard to find someone you can really trust,” he says.

But my music is not.” In his own words: “I’m more nervous about going on a first date” than going onstage.I’m a little shy.” The ideal woman: Despite steamy kissing scenes with tennis ace Anna Kournikova in the “Escape” video, the teen idol insists the two are “just friends.” In fact, he claims, he hasn’t had a girlfriend in six years.“I definitely want to get married.” The ideal woman: “A girl who’s into the outdoors and has strong family ties,” he says.An interest in his collection of paraphernalia wouldn’t hurt: “I’m a sci-fi geek.” What a catch: He knows the importance of the “silly little stuff that girls love,” says Race competitor and ex-girlfriend Emily Hoyt, 22, to whom he presented a copy of , one of her favorite movies.“But I’m sure I fantasized about having special powers like flying or being invisible.” The ideal woman: “It’s hard to predict what I want in a partner,” Maguire told director Sam Raimi.

“He’s subtle and quite powerful in his stillness.” JIMMY Sommers MUSICIAN Age: 32 Height: 5’11” Status: Never married Residence: Los Angeles Education: Southern Illinois University, B. The scoop: Last year, the Chicago-born saxophonist, who picked up the instrument in fourth grade, released his second jazz CD, .

TOBEY Maguire ACTOR Age: 26 Height: 5’8″ Status: Never married Residence: Los Angeles Education: Received a high school equivalency diploma The scoop: Best known as the doe-eyed teen in films like , smashing box office records.

In his own words: “I had never read a comic book before I was cast in this film,” says Maguire, who left school in ninth grade to act.

Most American newspaper comics that aren't simply gag a day strips are stories like this due to the simple fact that most people do not read newspapers every day and archives of comic strips are rare, so they need to be able to jump into the comic's world at any time and be able to appreciate it.

Slice of life also doesn't have to be set in the world as we know it.

“But when he came in to audition, he had such command of the room that any doubts we had were gone.” Morales just wrapped up his first full season on , about a Hispanic family in L. Of his newly hectic schedule, which includes serving as a vice president of the Screen Actors Guild, Morales says, “After so many years of ambiguous work prospects, I welcome it!