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And at what point will it get tiresome to impress someone with lies, when you’re just dying to talk about Monty Python or J. Staying home and not taking action, and assuming a date will just magically fall in your lap is not a strategy for success.

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We’ve actually found that the introductory lessons in most pick-up artist arsenals can be very useful and surprisingly wholesome.

But any man who wants to find lasting relationship success would be wise to stick to these basics, and to avoid the "seduction culture" advice that precludes real commitment and long-term love.

But if you’re suppressing your real love for old jazz and French spy movies, and instead lie about yourself to boost your perceived value, then the woman you’re wooing is falling for the façade only. Playing a role when meeting women is a real roadblock to true relationship success. One thing many men do to sabotage their dating success is not putting enough effort into meeting new people.

At what point will she realize she’s been duped and commence to dump you? Once again, the pick-up artists offer some simple, great advice here: before we can meet any women, we have to go where the women are.

The pick-up artists take this one step further, encouraging guys to adopt a real-world character that’s smooth, honed and based on a lot of made-up stories ("gambits" in some pick-up artist lexicons) told to impress the ladies.

Ultimately, we suppose this is not much different than the decades-old suggestion from marketing/business books, of "branding" oneself to create an image of success that people can buy into.Even if it’s just a nice pair of glasses, some tighter pants, or a shirt with a crisp collar, adding a bit of flair to one’s outfit can never hurt one’s chances with meeting someone special. One thing the pick-up artists command of their disciples, which should be avoided at all cost, is creating an "avatar" of one’s self.Do you ever chat with your friends online, and notice that their caricature or avatar in the chat box is thinner, hipper, and more well-groomed than they themselves have ever been?Here are some basic dating do’s and don’ts to glean from these self-anointed lotharios. Perhaps the most broad and applicable suggestion bandied about by all the pick-up artists is to dress well.Everyday, women flock to various clothing stores, make-up aisles and hair salons to beautify themselves for their own edification, for the appreciation of their fellow women, and to attract men-and they certainly appreciate a man who returns the favor by presenting themselves well in public. It conveys that he’s got self-confidence and pride.But the pick-up artists leave out virtually all other traits that you might find fantastic in a woman. What about the Vonnegut books she’s read that you two can talk about, or that Cheap Trick box set she might buy you one day for your birthday?