Program error updating

900; 900 RIP; 900 Error; 900 Error Message; Error code 900; 900 error sub-codes; 900 Service RIP Software; 900 Service Error; 900 Rip Error; 900 Software Error; 900 Service RIP Error; 900 Service RIP Software Error; Error: "900.00 Service RIP Software"; Error: "900 Error"; Error: "900.00 Error"; 900.00 error after being idle; 900 Firmware Error; Printer not responding; Scanner not responding; Printer not working; Scanner not working; Overview If the 900 error occurs only when the printer is receiving information from a network or computer, you should first contact your local helpdesk or your software/network support.This is because a communication issue with your network or software is indicated.

Power strips, surge protectors, extension cords and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) can trigger a false 900.00 error.

This is true even if the printer has worked on this surge device previously.

I know you're smarter than the average bear, but just do as you're told.

Before you start: 1) make a note of the name and full path of your Logbook. 2) MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU HAVE KNOWN GOOD UP_TO_DATE ADIF BACKUPS OF ALL YOUR LOGBOOKS.

If the error appears every time you power on the printer/MFP, regardless of whether you send a print job or not, the likely source of the problem is a part on the printer.

There is probably an issue with either the printer/MFP or an option installed on the printer/MFP. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.

Any error in conversion, read the recovery instructions at the bottom of the page.

If, after updating/installing Logger32, you can not open the help file, or when you click on a subject you receive the message "The page cannot be displayed.

No: If the 900 error does not appear on the printer screen, use the printer operator panel to print a menu settings page.

This step is especially important if the 900.00 errors occur intermittently.

If the error occurs when the printer is idle or not connected to the network or PC, however, there may be a printer hardware or connection problem.