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Suffice it to say, by the 1990s the better part of the working class wanted nothing to do with the word liberal. The trouble is that stupid hicks don't know what's good for them. Knowing, for example, that the Founding Fathers were all secular deists.What remained of the American progressive elite was left to puzzle: What happened to our coalition? They're getting conned by right-wingers and tent revivalists until they believe all the lies that've made them so wrong. That's why they're voting against their own self-interest. Soon, the blame is reason enough to keep them at a distance, the excuse to drive them even further away. You're better off watching nothing than watching Fox. Knowing that you're actually, like, 30 times more likely to shoot yourself than an intruder.

As part of its on-going effort to reach out to external partners and relevant human rights institutions, Liberal International Human Rights Committee (LI HRC) held a series of strategic meetings with representatives of the South African Human Rights Commission in Johannesburg including SAHRC Chairperson Professor Bongani Christopher Majola.

At its 199th Executive Committee meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa this week politicians from around the world voted to award Liberal International’s highest human rights honour – the Prize for Freedom – to imprisoned Philippines political prisoner, Senator Leila de Lima.

In 1964, it was 55 percent of working-class voters. The white working class in particular saw even sharper declines.

Despite historic advantages with both poor and middle-class white voters, by 2012 Democrats possessed only a 2-point advantage among poor white voters.

Thousands of political prisoners are in prisons convicted for their participation in peaceful actions and commentaries in social networks.

The authorities even resort to political murders of their opponents.Liberal International member parties took bold steps to endorse a programme for better governance in the twenty-first century as LI’s 199th Executive Committee meeting convened in Johannesburg, South Africa between 27-29 October.Liberal International (LI) has marked its 70th-anniversary year with 12 months of hard work and celebration to promote liberal values around the world. I think this leans much more heavily on challenging, but at this point in my career I just want to be on their TV one time. I want the budget deficit reduced as much as anyone. But just be unapologetic with your policies and who you are. The people who are gonna hate you are just going to anyways. I don’t know if that would’ve turned the election or not, but that unapologetic stuff, that goes to anything. But the whole idea of a goal is for it to be challenging but achievable. The best place is You Tube, keyword search Appalachian Mountain Wrestling. They disavowed it, which makes me think all the more that the CBO’s pretty damn accurate. Looking at the numbers on it, besides the 22 million, I like how it reduces the budget—and that’s long-term—but that’s not the point of passing a healthcare bill. I don’t think they need to lie and cheat and gerrymander like Republicans do. Hearing the report about Obama not releasing the information about Russia hacking the election last year because they were afraid how partisan that would look in response to the stuff Donald Trump was saying—who cares? Among white voters making between ,000 and ,000 per year, the GOP has taken a 17-point lead. They've got better brains, top-notch amygdalae, science finds. If the trouble with conservatives was ignorance, then the liberal impulse was to correct it.