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This means that the former West Denver Community branch and systems will act as Denver Community Credit Union.

*Bill Payer Fee - .95 charged for each month Bill Payer is not used.

Complete at least 1 Bill Payer transaction per month to avoid the fee.

Any new incoming or outgoing ACH transactions (including online transactions set up with your checking or savings account, not with a debit or credit card) will need to be set up using Denver Community Credit Union's routing number, and your account number starting August 1st.

Denver Community Credit Union's Routing Number: 302075694 Your West Denver Community Credit Union debit and credit cards will work through pm on Monday, July 31st.

Your cards will not work between am (midnight) and pm (noon) on August 1st. New Denver Community Credit Union debit and credit cards will be mailed to current West Denver Community Credit Union card holders by the end of July. You may activate your card using the instructions sent with your new card after pm (noon) on August 1st.

Please note that Bill Payer will be unavailable starting July 21st.This will be the last day to submit a payment request.Starting July1st, no future-dated bill payer payments will be allowed.Please check back from time to time to be kept up-to-date about any information related to this merger.West Denver Community Credit Union is set to operationally merge with Denver Community Credit Union on August 1st.Here you will find all the information you will need to get started with Denver Community.