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It can sometimes be effective to use a cliche if you’re going after an audience that hasn’t seen a book aimed that way (e.g.

It will be used for any of: Book publishing is not a meritocracy.

Even if it were, dozens of decisions influence the outcome.

“Gee, thanks” you’ll say, to which they will offer “Hey, you’re the writer.” Both complaints are valid of course, but neither solves the problem.

There is plenty of good advice, but it’s rarely based on good data.

There are many reasons books become popular, or not.

Some books become popular in spite of their author’s choices.At the time an author and a publisher are deciding on the title they are both at their greatest emotional insecurity: the book is not finished and not released.Their fears only puts more pressure on the decision, not less.There are many kinds of taste, good and bad, which means there is an unbelievable amount of contradictory advice about titles, almost as much as there is about writing books themselves.Insiders love to point to previously published books as examples of good titles, but that’s cheating.Many titles are meaningless until after you read them.