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In that respect I suppose you could consider it a great date scent if you don't WANT to be smelt until then. Why did i transgress a promise i made to myself a while ago to never buy a D&G fragrance ever again because they totally suck in the performance department.

Fooled again thinking they fixed the issue by making this EDP. Some people will reconise the smell and say «Yeah it’s The one of Dolce and gabbana» scent:10/10 Projection 5/10 longevity: 5/10 if this fragrance had a better performance and better longetivity, this would be the greatest fragrance of all time in my opinion.

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I had a max of 6-7h of longevity until you can barely notice it on skin.

It becomes a close to the skin scent quickly, after like the 1st - 2nd hour...

It is a very pleasant and likeable scent overall by anyone. But that's all about this perfume because its specs can be considered poor for most.

I mean its longevity can be considered poor and also projection and sillage.

As fall/winter came, it is in my rotation full-time.

The One for Men EDP takes all the ingredients of The One for Men, but makes the scent stronger, especially the tobacco, amber and cardamon notes. After two days I smelled it again and immediately decided to keep it. Best for cold/rainy evenings/nights with your girl cuddling on the couch. It should be smelled up close and enjoyed like a fine whisky.

You can tell immediatly it is a well blended scent since the beggining to the end of the fragrance longevity.

I can smell the (really nice and soft) tobacco and the amber notes are the most outstanding notes of this mix, but there are also some soft spicy notes that follow those two.

In 2015, The One for Men Eau de Parfum appears as an enhanced, denser version of the scent.

The elegant top notes of coriander, basil and grapefruit are leading to the heart where there is a warm blend of ginger, orange blossom and cardamom. It projects and it lasts on my skin for at least 8-10 hours.

As it is an EDP and a little expensive (60-75€ retail for a 50ml bottle...) I think it is expected much more, at least regarding its longevity / fixation on skin.