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How to Binge: Netflix Justin Simien’s incisive comedy about black students at a mostly white college tackles race, class, and pop culture with wit and genius one-liners — all without being preachy.

The 10 episodes are a perfect weekend binge-watch — though the installment helmed by “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins will certainly make you hit pause. A multi-dimensional, mostly female cast that delivers laughs and tears as well as body slams? Netflix’s latest original from “Orange Is the New Black’s” Jenji Kohan has been garnering critical praise for all the right reasons.

With Giovanni Ribisi, Bryan Cranston, Margo Martindale, and Peter Gerety on board, “Sneaky Pete” is a character actors’ playground, and makes for addictive, enjoyable viewing to cruise through a long weekend with.

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Over the course of those five seasons, fans have gone from following the privileged and often unlikeable Piper Chapman, to getting to know (and eventually cheering on or rooting against) the fully realized inmates of the prison.

Throw in social commentary and prison politics, and this rightfully acclaimed show is too important to miss.

How to Binge:, Starz App, Amazon Prime The eight-episode first season of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel of the same name drew critical acclaim and fan love immediately for its incredibly visual portrayal of one man’s (Ricky Whittle) journey to go home while getting caught up in a war between Gods old and new.

Aside from its iconic imagery (episodes have included a technicolor sequence and the God of Media taking forms like Gillian Anderson as Lucy Ricardo and David Bowie), the show is also making powerful waves with its political messages, proving that fantastical stories are always rooted in reality.

How about one where over the course of three seasons (with a fourth and final on the way) New York City is slowly overrun by vampires — called strigoi in the show — with tentacle/leech-like tongues?

That’s the kind of mindless fun you can expect from “The Strain,” which follows a virologist, an NYC exterminator, and a WWII-surviving vampire hunter with a chip the size of a crater on his shoulder, as they rally the Big Apple to face off against the strigoi and their hive mind the Master.

How to Binge: Netflix After 160 episodes, Freeform’s hit teen drama wrapped up this past week, finally revealing the true identity of “A,” the black-hooded villain going after the Liars, played by stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse.

If you missed out on seven seasons of cliffhangers, mystery, and spoilers, the long weekend is the perfect time to start your binge.

Kelley — shine in a complex portrayal of female relationships, long-buried secrets, and the power dynamics of the very wealthy when it comes to their precious offspring.

It’s worth the time; the mini is one of the best shows of 2017.

The critically acclaimed FX series follows David Haller (played by Dan Stevens), a schizophrenic junkie who also happens to be one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. Judd Apatow helms another dramedy series that follows Mickey Dobbs (played by Gillian Jacobs) and Gus Cruikshank (played by Paul Rust), two polar opposites who begin dating under bizarre circumstances.