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Bucovina is one of the few regions where the tradition of painted Easter eggs is still alive.The biggest and hardest eggs are turned into real masterpieces of intricate patterns in green, red, blue, black and yellow.

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The accommodation prices for a pension are much lower than for a hotel. For the meals another 5 €/day/person should be enough.The old hotels built in the 1970’s or 80’s usually have two stars.All these are near the centre, but quite anonymous compared with the newer private hotels.The price per night varies between 10 euro and 50 euro including breakfast, depending on the comfort and the number of beds in the room. 0230-510 000 or 0744-596 000 This private hotel has two buildings.Masks, traditional costumes, painted eggs, carved wooden objects, embroideries and carpets are still part of daily life.

Woodworking is much appreciated in Bucovina, where the material is plentiful.

The rooms are warm and clean, but often not equipped with any extra comfort, such as private bathrooms. The prices are very low, but change according to the season in the most popular villages.

With less than 10 €/day one can have board and lodging in interesting surroundings.

Locations such as Baia, Siret, Suceava, Radauti still keep edifices (fortresses, church foundations, princely homes) dating the time of the first Moldavian voivods.

Other localities, such as Putna, became a strong manifestation for Romanian people’s sense for an united nation.

To this common sense many important persons contributed: Mihai Eminescu, Mihai Slavici, Ciprian Porumbescu and some other young people that came here all over Romanian lands.