Rrd graphs not updating

2012/02/13 [RRDTool] Extended Graph with name 'Temp Ext' is in group named 'Climate'.2012/02/13 [RRDTool] Graphs: /home/cmr/domotiga/rrd/graphs/tempext2012/02/13 [RRDTool] No device(s) with graphing enabled found!

2012/02/13 [RRDTool] rrdtool graph /home/cmr/domotiga/rrd/graphs/tempext-54--lazy --start end-54 -a PNG --slope-mode --font DEFAULT:7: --watermark 'Domotiga v0.1.203' --width 400 --height 100 -c BACK#FFFFFF -c CANVAS#FFFFFF -c SHADEA#FFFFFF -c SHADEB#FFFFFF -c GRID#000000 -c MGRID#000000 -c FONT#000000 -c AXIS#000000 -c FRAME#000000 -c ARROW#000000 --title='Temperatura Exterior' --vertical-label '°C' DEF:outsidesensor_temp=/home/cmr/domotiga/rrd/outsidesensor.rrd:temp: AVERAGE DEF:temp1exterior_temp=/home/cmr/domotiga/rrd/temp1exterior.rrd:temp: AVERAGE COMMENT:'\s' COMMENT:' ' COMMENT:'\l' LINE1:outsidesensor_temp#AA0000:'Outside Temp ' COMMENT:'\s' COMMENT:'\s' LINE1:temp1exterior_temp#00FF00:'Temp1 Exterior ' COMMENT:'\s' COMMENT:'\s' COMMENT:'Date \: 2012-2-13 23\:51\:24\r' 2/dev/null2012/02/13 [RRDTool] Failed to download graph ' [Devices] Device of type 'TEMP2' with address 'TEMP2[7170]' and interface 'RFXCom Receiver' not found!

Regarding Domoti Ga client , there are no graphs displayed (old or new ones).

I am running the server on a pogoplug with archlinux. I can only see the "rrdtool update..." commands there. By the way, this is a great piece of software, Ron - thank you. If I copy the rrdtool graph command from the server log to the clients command line, the graphs are created and the server can download it like it's supposed to. Best wishes, Dietmar Hi Ron, Great, it's working now! Some graphs are empty sometimes - I will have to have a closer look at this. The client seems to start with disabled RRDTool all the time. The log says it has started and I see the "rrdtool update..." commands. Best wishes, Dietmar I guess you haven't installed rrdtool on your client machine, and Domoti Ga checks if it can find it upon startup if it doesn't it reports this, and disables rrdtool. But in the new version it works now without RRD on the client. When I run the stand-alone-version of Domotiga on the pogoplug the graphs are created fine. When I start the client the graphs are not working. But every time I start the Domoti Ga client the check-box of RRDTool interface is disabled again. I have left out this check now when starting as client, since all rrdtool stuff is done on the server anyway. I have to go to "Setup - Interfaces - RRDTool" and enable it. Author: Fred Fish make Subset of "unix" make command.

Author: John Draper (aka "crunch") speech Sample speech demo program. Author: Rob Peck speechtoy Another speech demo program. Author: Fred Fish dbug Macro based C debugging package. Provides function trace, selective printing of internal state information, and more.Author: Michael Mounier balls Simulation of the "kinetic thingy" with balls on strings where only the end balls move (quick, can YOU come up with a better description? Author Ken Yap ff A very fast text formatter, controlled exclusively by command line arguments. Useful, but does not have many of the features of the full make, much less the newer "augmented make". Used to bundle text file up into a single file for transmission as a unit, or otherwise handling as a single file. I connect to it using Domotiga client from a Linux distro installed on a PC. I have successfully installed a Domotiga server on an Iconnect Iomega (ARM).This is from the GNU (GNU is Not Unix) effort, and was obtained from the Free Software Foundation.