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(BH01) - Avon Collector's Encyclopedia - 16th Edition (CA97) - 1003 Salt & Pepper Shakers with Values (CC94) - Confident Collector Salt and Pepper Shakers - 1st Edition (CO85) - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt & Pepper Shakers (GR86) - Great Shakes (HG96) - Salt & Pepper Shakers Identification & Values (HG93) - Salt & Pepper Shakers Identification & Values II (HG98) - Salt & Pepper Shakers Identification & Values III (HG95) - Salt & Pepper Shakers Identification & Values IV (KO00) - Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List 2000 - 32nd Edition (OF99) - Official Price Guide to Antiques & Collectibles - 17th Edition (OF00) - Official Price Guide to Antiques & Collectibles - 18th Edition (MA99) - Maloney's Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory - 5th Edition (WA97) - Warman's Americana & Collectibles - 8th Edition Top of Page It's best to decided what type of Salt and Pepper shaker you want to collect. You can find all different types in the books I've read.

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The values I have included with each shaker includes the book code next to the title to show where I found my information.Remember a value listed doesn't mean anything; if someone wants a set bad enough they'll pay for it, wouldn't you? I found some values for my salt and pepper shakers.Chalkware The Chalkware sets featured in this section date from the 1920's through 1950.They would never pass the FDA standards for use as a food container!The Sunny Bunnies were sold at Easter time in 1983. The little boy and girl are "Santa's Helpers." which were offered in 1983 for Christmas.

This set is porcelain, of excellent quality with beautiful detailing. The ashes of charred animal bones are actually added to the clay which when fired in the kiln, produces a very fine, very hard white china. If you have information you'd like to share with me please e-mail me at I have read many books to learn about salt and pepper shakers.Though, you sure can get a lot of information about the different companies from antique books.Of all the sets pictured, there was no salt nor pepper found in any of them - which, considering how the plaster crumbles and the paint chips from the surfaces, is a blessing.Occupied Japan Collecting Occupied Japan items becomes more of a challenge every year.Items marked "Occupied" did not begin to arrive in the United States until 1947.