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It's a lighthearted average-computer-whiz-next-door-turned-international-spy dramedy that never takes itself too seriously.

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is no stranger to living on the bubble between renewal and cancellation.

During its run, Levi and fans mobilized to keep the show on NBC through increasingly creative methods, including a campaign with Subway.

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Photo credits: 1, 2, 3Sarah Walker is one of the CIA's best agents and Bryce Larkin's former partner.A cropped white shirt, black jeans, and Converse put a slightly more feminine twist on the Nerd Herd uniform, while a kelly blazer adds a pop of color and recalls the Green Shirts.Tie on a silky gray head scarf in lieu of an actual tie, then accessorize with cute swordfish earrings that allude to Big Mike's treasured office decor.Sling on a backpack to stow all your spy weapons books, slap on a GPS-tracking watch, and slip a few poison-spewing ballpoint pens into your pencil case.(While you're at it, may as well ask the Starbucks barista for a latte that's "shaken, not stirred.") Photo credits: 1, 2, 3Sarah frequently goes undercover at swanky soirees where she must extract information from wealthy weapons dealers or trillionaire terrorists.A bright-blue cardigan is much cuter than donning scrubs and provides a fun color contrast to the pink shirt.