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BREAK (A SPIRAL)—Opening a spiral to the round shape and forcing it toward the opposite direction that it was folded (collapsed) so that it will remain circular for placing.BUILDING CODE—Laws or regulations set up by building departments of cities, states and Federal Government, for uniformity in design and construction practices.

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BILLET—Piece of semi-finished steel, nearly square in section, formed by hot-rolling an ingot or bloom, from which reinforcing bars are rolled.

BOLT CUTTER—A tool used to cut reinforcing bars on the job-site.

BENT CAP—A reinforced concrete beam or block, extending across and encasing the heads of columns, comprising the top of a bent for the bridge span above.

BILL OF LADING—A list that gives each part or mark number, quantity, length of material, total weight, or other description of each piece of material that is shipped to a jobsite.

BEAM AND SLAB FLOOR CONSTRUCTION—A reinforced concrete floor system in which a solid slab is supported by beams or girders of reinforced concrete.

BEAM BOLSTER—Continuous bar support used to support the reinforcing bars in the bottom of beams.

BASKET—Wire assembly to support and space dowel bars along the expansion joints in concrete pavement.

BEAM—A horizontal structural member supporting loads from a floor or roof system to columns, girders or walls.

As the electrode melts, it supplies weld material which fuses the pieces of steel together.

ARCHITECT—A person or firm who prepares the architectural drawings that determine the design and form of buildings.

The wall heights may be variable in order to provide an arched bottom slab.