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So I ended up in their office and assigned a 'case manager'.

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They also did not offer toilet facilities by the way.I did what they asked of me, but I then began to start getting casual work.As with the casual work , don't tell them that it is a permanent position , tell them it is casual work only and that you don't know from one day to another when you will be working , this will stop the case manager from getting you to sign a form saying that you have obtained permanent casual work so that they can submit a notice to Centrelink saying that "they have found you a job" . There were no toilets near the building, the nearest was a 10 min walk down the road to a shopping mall.I thought that this would be an obvious breach in OHS especially if I were to be made to sit for 25 hrs per week doing their so called "job search training modules" I was told, because I was not an employee under their contract I cannot use thier toilet or kitchen facilities and would have to sign out and go to the nearest public toilet, a shopping mall.The first time my case manager cut my payment I was not told or notified, I was shocked and rung centrelink immediately and was on hold for nearly 45 mins.

The lovely girl in the centrelink call centre (they are very nice and helpful) told me that my case manager reported I had gone back to work Full Time!

I was still getting casual days at work and still ringing and emailing saying I could not attend their apointments or "Job Clubs" and every fortnight I reported and declared my income I would find my payments cutoff, again I went thru the awful stress of waiting on hold and reinstating myself in the system.

I was loosing sleep and barely struggling thru financially.

to this guy who seemed to be reading off a script and not actually listening to anything I said.

He then forced me into signing an agreement that meant I had to go there for 2 hours a week and look for work on their very old outdated windows 2000 pc's and provide proof of my efforts with copies/printouts of emails, they call this one "Job Club".

She informed that this is very common and she spends most of her time reinstating payments that have been cut by job network employees.