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There are certain sex topics that aren’t dinner conversation.

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Fetishes make us feel hot and sexy, which don’t always have a cause, and makes them such an interesting topic.

[Read: 7 extremely weird but surprisingly popular sex fetishes] #4 Vibrators.

Stop obsessing about it and work to change the behaviors leading to it and everything should go as planned.

[Read: 20 sexual problems in a relationship you can easily avoid] #6 Casual sex or one night stands.

It used to be you had to go to some off-the-roadside sex shop to pick something up to spice up the bedroom, now all you have to do is google it.

You can buy just about any type of sex toy and vibrator you can imagine *and even some that you can’t*.

It involves two people agreeing they are going to engage in sex for the enjoyment of both and not have any preconceived notions about what is going to come from it. One night stands used to end with one doing the walk of shame and the other to get a high five.

Now most people have casual sex, enjoy it, have no emotional feeling about it at all, and keep it to themselves.

[Read: 20 new things to try in bed with your lover] #5 Sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction is a sex topic bringing a lot of people, especially men, embarrassment.

The taboo sex topics and answers to the most commonly asked questions related to them If you need the answers to these ten sex topics, we have you covered. Oral sex is one of those things experienced differently between the sexes. But the intriguing question lingers whether women enjoy being the receiver or the giver and whether men like to give at all. The truth is oral sex feels much more exposing to a woman and not every woman feels comfortable with it.