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But at the same time, a friend or ally who has helped him is lying unconscious on the floor, about to be crushed by a collapsing ceiling, eaten by monsters, or murdered by the Big Bad and his minions.There's only enough time to save one — which one is it going to be?"Destiny has cheated me By forcing me to decide upon The woman that I idolize Or the hands of an automaton.Without these hands, I can't complete The opera that was captivating her!The hottest amateurs on the planet exclusively for you!

Breaking Asses – Site Rip Anal fans are likely to fall head over heels for a site called Breaking Asses.An Aesop with "My friends are more important to me than anything else" overtones almost always follows. (Conversely, under some circumstances, the very fact that the hero hesitates can make us suspicious about his moral instincts.) This trope is sometimes referred to as a "doctor's dilemma", after the title of a play by George Bernard Shaw (see "Literature", below). A specific form of the Sadistic Choice and a classic Moral Dilemma.If employed too often, this can get Anvilicious and try the audience's patience, making them wonder why they don't Just Eat Gilligan. Happier cases overlap with Secret Test of Character or Sweet and Sour Grapes, where saving the friend means winning the idol too.Euro Teen Erotica – Site Rip Gentlemen, do you watch all those luscious teen girls going down the street every day? Freshly eighteen or nineteen, and eager for all that life has to offer, their bodies are deliciously pliable and ready for the pleasures of full womanhood! Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, no matter what they’re wearing they project their raw sex appeal and hunger for new experiences.Depending on how important the "idol" is to the hero, this trope may overlap with Act of True Love.