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In determining the value for taxation purposes of such leasehold interest, the true value in money of the land shall be ascertained, the annual rent reserved in the lease shall be capitalized on a six per cent basis, and the resulting sum shall be deducted from the true value of the land in money.The percentage of the result so obtained established by the tax commissioner as taxable value plus the taxable value of all the improvements upon such land shall be the taxable value of such leasehold interest.With Watson and Stelle’s study in mind, we’ve tested several popular dating sites, looking also for easy online experiences, and come up with five – both free and fee-based, senior-specific and all-ages – that we deem senior-friendly. Click here to visit OKCupid Note Be aware when signing up for auto-payment on any online dating site: Complaints have been filed that certain sites continue to charge monthly fees after a member cancels. See our updated Best Senior Dating Sites (2014) Thinking of trying online dating?

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(3) Except as otherwise provided in section 5711.27 of the Revised Code, all other such property if the aggregate taxable value thereof required to be listed by the taxpayer under Chapter 5711.of the Revised Code does not exceed ten thousand dollars.(a) If the taxable value of such property exceeds ten thousand dollars only such property having an aggregate taxable value of ten thousand dollars shall be exempt.An unincorporated mutual fund, as defined in section 5711.01 of the Revised Code, shall not be required to list any of its investments in the stocks of any corporation. Property of the kinds mentioned in this section, when used in business, shall be considered to arise out of business transacted in a state other than that in which the owner resides, under the circumstances following: (A) Accounts receivable resulting from the sale of property by an agent having an office in such other state or from a stock of goods maintained therein, or from services performed by an officer, agent, or employee connected with, sent from, or reporting to any officer or at any office located in such other state; (B) Prepaid items, when the right acquired thereby relates exclusively to the business transacted in such other state, or to property used in such business; (C) In the case of accounts payable, the proportion of the entire amount of accounts receivable, wherever arising, represented by those arising out of business transacted in such other state ascertained as provided in this section, shall be taken to represent the proportion of the entire amount of accounts payable arising out of the business transacted in such other state; (D) Deposits, other than those used in business outside of such other state, when withdrawable in the course of such business by an officer or agent having an office in such other state; but deposits representing general reserves or balances of the owner thereof maintained for the purpose of his entire business wherever transacted, shall be considered located in the state in which the owner resides, if an individual, or in which its actual principal executive office is situated, if a partnership or association, or under whose laws it is organized, if a corporation, by whomsoever they may be withdrawable; (E) Money kept on hand at an office or place of business in such other state; (F) Investments not held in trust, when made, created, or acquired in the course of repeated transactions of the same kind, conducted from an office of the owner in such other state, when either:(1) such investments represent obligations of persons residing in such other state or secured by property located therein; (2) an officer or agent of the owner at the owner's office in such other state has authority, in the course of the owner's business, to receive or collect the income thereon, the principal, or both, when due, or to sell and dispose of the same.This section shall be reciprocally applied, so that all property of the kinds mentioned in this section having a business situs in this state shall be taxed in this state, and no such property belonging to a person residing in this state and having a business situs outside of this state shall be taxed.A corporation shall not be required to list any of its investments in the stocks of any other corporation or in its own treasury stock.

Other taxable intangibles and other intangible property, as defined in section 5701.09 of the Revised Code, arising from a sales agreement for grain or soybeans entered into by a person engaged in agriculture are not subject to taxation.

Whenever such lands appropriated by congress for the support of schools or for ministerial purposes are held under a lease for a term of years renewable forever, whether subject to revaluation or not, such lands shall, for all purposes of a special assessment for improvements benefiting such land, be considered as the property of the lessee.

Whenever such lands are held under a lease for a term not renewable forever, such lands shall be subject to special assessments for improvements benefiting such lands, which shall be paid out of the annual rents accruing to the trust.

(B) Except as provided by division (C) of this section or otherwise expressly exempted from taxation:(1) All personal property located and used in business in this state, and all domestic animals kept in this state and not used in agriculture are subject to taxation, regardless of the residence of the owners thereof.

(2) All ships, vessels, and boats, and all shares and interests therein, defined in section 5701.03 of the Revised Code as personal property and belonging to persons residing in this state, and aircraft belonging to persons residing in this state and not used in business wholly in another state, other than aircraft licensed in accordance with sections 4561.17 to 4561.21 of the Revised Code, are subject to taxation.

(b) "Public school" includes schools of a school district, STEM schools established under Chapter 3326.