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The Commissioner of Education will be responsible for setting up the fee structure for the next school year by May 1.

(Senate Bill 293 / Sponsor: Gresham / Status: Public Chapter 507 / Effective Date: July 1, 2015) Teachers / Reporting inaccuracies / Discipline — Legislation was approved by the General Assembly this year that prohibits local education agencies from discouraging or disciplining teachers for reporting inaccuracies, errors or potentially inflammatory information in textbooks or instructional materials to a supervisor, parent or guardian.

The new law revises the required GED score under the HOPE scholarship eligibility requirements to conform to the scale used for the new version of the test, setting a score of 170 to qualify.

(Senate Bill 182 / Sponsor: Hensley / Status: Public Chapter 501 / Effective date: July 1, 2015 and shall apply to any violent felonies or violent felony delinquency acts occurring on or after that date) Students in Foster Care / Graduation – Lawmakers have voted to prohibit a Local Education Agency (LEA) from requiring any student in the custody of the Department of Children’s Services and who is in the eleventh grade or higher to meet more than the minimum graduation requirements set out by the State Board of Education.Students in foster care are often transferred from one school to the next and may not have time to meet additional graduation standards required by school boards when moved at that grade level.The association that helps families of Cystic Fibrosis children claims that these children are completely competent to take their medications on their own.(Senate Bill 724 / Sponsor: Green / Status: Public Chapter 321 / Effective Date: July 1, 2015) Community College / Reconnect Grants — The State Senate approved major legislation during the 2015 legislative session which will launch a pilot program to help adults complete their degree in Tennessee’s community colleges.The appropriations bill, which is effective July 1, assumes a conservative three percent revenue growth rate.

(Senate Bill 1399 / Sponsors: Norris, Mc Nally / Status: Public Chapter 427 / Effective Date: July 1, 2015 provided, however than any provision of this act which authorizes prior or immediate expenditures and any section or item which specifies an immediate effective date shall take effect upon becoming a law) Achievement School District / Eligibility — State lawmakers have approved a bill that expands the eligibility for enrollment in charter schools authorized by the Achievement School District (ASD) that obtains an achievement growth score of “at expectations” or higher.Key qualifications to receive the grant include: Tennessee residency for at least one year preceding the date of application for the grant; completion of at least 30 hours towards completing an associate of applied science degree; and, an adjusted gross income of less than ,000.Grant recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA and enroll in at least 9 semester hours in the fall and spring semesters.Call the office to schedule an appointment with the priest. Call the office at least eight weeks before desired date.Budget — The 2015 legislative session was highlighted by the passage of a balanced budget that invests primarily in education and workforce development, while continuing a thoughtful approach to making government work more efficiently and effectively.Under the new law, teachers must be notified within five business days following the last instructional date of the school year if they are going to lose their job.