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I attempted to get up, but the man sitting next to me held me firm. That is when I watched as a woman was inducted into what he called “The high sect of the Black Mass”.

After they left, the lights darkened, a pipe was handed to me by the woman who had silently sat next to me. The Black Church I was attending did turn out to be a cult devoted to sexual sin and pleasure, with few limits and morals.

When I arrived a very pretty woman in a maid uniform answered the door, I handed her the paper I was given, she said “You are right on time, Mass will be starting soon”.

When I arrived, I saw maybe 40 people all sitting in the pews, dressed very much like they were attending any normal Sunday Christian Church.

The woman I was invited by came out not long after, wearing Dark Red robes laced with Black Silk and several sashes and cords draped around her neck and flowing down the robe.

I had decided I would go dressed as I normally did and see how they reacted.

I went to the address she had provided and saw that it was a house, a very large house in Scottsdale, Arizona; which is extremely wealthy and known for having rich uppity yuppies.

After it ended, the man remained seated as did several others, the male Leader of the Black Mass had never spoke, he simply remained seated.

The others got up, leaving to go home now that church was over.

Then the woman began speaking, her words were clear and her voice like an enchanting melody, she began speaking of God and the gifts he gave upon the world, she spoke of all the miracles of Jesus and all the great men and women who have been uplifted by Christianity.

As I found myself listening and thinking perhaps God is not so bad, her voice became mocking as she said “What a joke these people have played upon us”.

At a party I was at I expressed these views to the group I was with.

A woman came up to me and quietly suggested I attend Mass with her.

I told her I already had a church and changing churches would not change the Bible and the intent of it’s message.