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Roof ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can find Chie and also a weather forecast student here after school.

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Any amount is very much appreciated and will be used as a source for future guides. | | _| -_| | _|_ -| |_| |__,|___|_|___| |___|_| |_____|___|_|_|_| |___|_|_|_| |___| (Table of Contents) =============================================================================== USE THE CONTROL F FUNCTION TO FIND YOUR SECTION QUICKER.

Yosuke, the Strength Social Link and the Sun Social Link can also be found here. (Increase Knowledge by 3 Points *6 Points during rainy weather). 2 2 ---------------------------------------------- Daisuke: I got some dirt on a bunch of other guys too, so we should have no problem getting together a full team.

Third Floor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing on the third floor, but there is a staircase that leads you to the roof.

Yomenaido Bookstore: The Book Shop sells a particular magazine each month, which helps you to increase your status parameters. Daidara Metal Works: This is the location where you will find all of your weapons for sale. - - ---------------------------------------------- Daisuke: Right?

Unlike Persona 3, you will need to sell the materials you have collected before the Weapon Shop will offer new stock.

The school contains two buildings, the Classroom Building and the Practice Building.

Classrooms can be found in the Learning Building, while all Clubs can be found in the Practice Building.

Riverbank (Lower Area) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fishing area. (Must have Fishing Rod) _______________________________________________________________________________ Doujima Residence _______________________________________________________________________________ Living Room ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Living Room, you can speak to Nanako or Doujima to trigger Social Link scenes. - - Ranking level 4 to 5 =============================================================================== Kou: Hey.

You can also save by checking the calendar and at certain times, check the refrigator for food, which can increase your courage.

Chinese Diner Aiya: The Ramen Shop has either the 800 Yen deal (Increases Courage) or on rainy days it will have the 3000 Yen special, which increases 3 random status parameters.