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Dustin, 42, added: ‘Tom and I talked about everything, anything and everything that went on.

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A young person may feel under pressure to send or receive an image because they are worried that they will be bullied if they don’t get involved.In some of the work we do with young people in our Teen Boundaries sessions, there are very frank conversations about why someone wants to do this.‘We don’t have secrets in our relationship.’ ‘We’re honest and open about everything.When we were back together I told him everything.’ He described Dustin as his ‘soulmate’ and said the time apart made him realise what their relationship meant to him.On the other hand they may have asked someone to send them this picture or felt under pressure to send an image of themselves.

It is important to open up the channels of communication and be able to discuss this openly so they are aware of the implications.

Many young people felt under pressure to do this because their boyfriend or girlfriend said “if you loved me you would do this” reassuring them that no one else would see this picture.

Unfortunately, quite often this has not been the case and results in extreme sexual bullying and severe consequences.

Young people who do this don’t often realise the consequences of it and this can be a form of sexualised bullying too.

With the continued advances of technology, most mobile phones and tablets have built in cameras and most are linked up to email and social network accounts.

‘It’s totally crucial to us that we are completely and totally open with each other, he added. Their wedding is set to take place within the next 12 months.