Slutty girls chat

"Hi, I'm writing a phone book, can I have your number?

Also, she is less likely to raise suspicion when she returns home freshly showered.

Guys don’t question this type of behavior because they like the idea that their woman is getting fit and staying in shape. If your girlfriend is going to the gym 7 times or more a week, then that’s a red flag.

I think I would take ice water just in case heaven is not my destination... We are different in so many ways, but we both respect each other and what we bring to the team and compliment each other s strengthens and weakness.

We are not shy to ask each other the simplest questions.

Girl: (26, I think) Boy: I must have forgotten U R A Q T Girl: (Your still missing one) Boy: I'll give you the D later Boy: "How does it feel? " Boy: "To be the only star in the sky" Boy: "Nickel for your thoughts" Girl: "I thought it was a penny" Boy: "I think your thoughts are worth more" Boy: "Are your parents bakers?

Girl: I have a boyfriend Boy: I have a math test Girl: What?

No one likes to work out that much, plus the body needs time to rest. She either hording chocolate bars in secret or she’s whoring herself.

If your girl is working out everyday, then the pounds should be melting away. If you are still suspicious, take a look in her sports bag.

Going to the gym is the perfect alibi for skanky behavior.

It gives your girl an excuse to be out of the house, to carry a change of clothes and get hot and sweaty.

" Girl: "I don't see anything" Boy: "I didn't expect you to because love is blind." Boy: "Have you ever been fishing before?