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you never know where you have a friend, brother, soulmate waiting for you!

Ticket link ..." src="" captionid='1677853540331922496' captionhash='ddeaaba7e3fa23b4fc257e485b87695c' search=''Are you ready for #NYE2017?

🎉 @hosts “you wasn’t there” nye special 🔥🔥 ticket link in @bio 👆🏾 djs on the night playing the best in hip hop, r’n’b, afrobeats, bashment, uk bangers and old school garage 💥 end the year on a high. 🍾100 glasses of champagne on arrival for those who arrive between 8pm - 10pm 🍾 owners special deal on moet nectar rose champagne £135 a bottle or 2 for £200 to bring the new year in style. we are doing the last #ellendating, snap dating for the year, on snapchat today!

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I assume that y’all already know how I feel about things and I often live in a bubble where I presume that we all want to see each other succeed and have good lives and that we all strive for equality and peace for each other, no matter where we live or where we come from!

It is my belief that we all know that we have the exact same worth as human beings.

You need to send your picture with your information so i can post! You need to send your picture with your information so i can post! We’ve joined people in relationships, marriage and lots of “one Night of fun” ooo!

I love bringing people together, and the world is a lot smaller than you think!

I encourage everyone to participate and to find ur family, lovers and friends 😘 Enter my snap "fiiepii" to submit ur picture with your information ..." src="" captionid='1644882766713396628' captionhash='aa126469ddaf68074fecf6746cc979da' search='' Enter my snap "fiiepii" to submit ur picture with your information on it, to enter the dating! Dick Pics, scammers and people just trying to add others for views are NOT welcome! You have to see your pictures and videos reposted all over the internet with negative and degrading captions and still you continue to smile. You bring smiles to many People's faces, and ur happiness is contagious!

You can submit urself or take screenshots of people you would like to connect with and add them. Even if I do not support ur business and the bleaching industry I still admire you as a person! Add “fiiepii” If you are not already on there, and follow the rules listed! Your location, your name and what you are looking for, and let’s all connect worldwide! 😚✍🏼 #IGo Take Am Issokay Issokay Iyam An Idiot" src="" captionid='1658334504602739426' captionhash='e469f9687d4b242269f1bcd7d4affefa' search='' Sometimes I get dm’s from people that are frustrated about me not posting about a certain topic or subject!I often make the mistake of assuming that we are all good people that want the best thing and the right thing for everyone!You never know where you have a friend, brother, Soulmate waiting for you! 💋👻💖📥💬" src="" captionid='1674171654401328562' captionhash='7accc67f85e48ae9701470499e60027e' search=''️" src="" captionid='1671971590807448193' captionhash='15b854261cfa384cdc3da0bc732dc239' search=''" src="" captionid='1671623652335915960' captionhash='fa6155d10b31e8d3d4d76a35f170918e' search=''" src="" captionid='1670202649453851808' captionhash='4291ebe7b72216d48c7ad3743757bff4' search='' Santa na beg ..." src="" captionid='1667488209931458537' captionhash='db55ee52fb887a0f89559bce2ae585c3' search=''" src="" captionid='1666572093390466286' captionhash='9008a775f23f528400f96146b88ca894' search='' My eyebrows have never looked better!" src="" captionid='1666219970740074416' captionhash='8dd0a8c9240a568eb750424353d4860d' search=''" src="" captionid='1666182806052520542' captionhash='d1e7cc0f97c62a0312a2fe6e69bad2b7' search='' Free sample of hair massaging balm, courtesy of my friends from @rentahairstylist... Add “fiiepii” now, to send in your picture with your information on it to find friends, love and travel companions. Love you 😘 #Ellen Dating️" src="" captionid='1664530973986884558' captionhash='0d2e7ed9940bd5537d74ed5ffe74d298' search=''" src="" captionid='1660086549630330792' captionhash='d9f7eaaee36bc6e3d009d5c11a6a82ac' search='' Okay guys!Do human beings not learn from their pasts and mistakes?