Souray dating

Kicking off our list is Lauren Cosgrove, wife of St. One thing’s for certain, though: there’s nothing “Minny” about Lauren’s fabulous bod.Since 2009, Melanie Collins has dated journeyman Scottie Upshall of the Florida Panthers.

But enough about Prust, and more about his stunning wife-to-be.

Maripier starred in a Canadian reality TV show titled .

And if it was apparent by her exotic and dazzling stare, Noureen is indeed of Indian decent.

As a matter of fact, she speaks four languages fluently: English, Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati.

Much like her husband, Collins has gone through many past ventures in her line of work as a reporter.

Her most notable stint remains her time as a sideline reporter for the NBA; all the while also having covered NASCAR, the PGA, and other media channels such as entertainment ().

However, she prefers to avoid the North-American spotlight in spite of her bodacious figure and smile that we local viewers will surely go gaga over. Standout goalie Ryan Miller of the Vancouver Canucks sure likes to mix sugar with spice, alright.

C’mon, King Henrik; share with us a slice of your kingdom and have Emma make more public appearances on U. Miller is married to an American knockout by the name of Noureen De Wulf, an actress who has had roles in film (.

Just to keep track: that’s football, nudie mags and video games all in one right there.

Dear Lindsey, please ditch Toews already and play with us instead!

The two cousins planned a baller engagement party for Nicole and her finacé. It was pretty awkward and they didn't hit it off right away, but at least she's getting herself back into the dating game.