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Tl-e idea of making these "'jnique cookies, which are now known throughout the entire country, caj.;e from the Chopmist Hill Club. I., with the slogan, "If you b-ay a 4.-H cookie, it will be a good one." In the making of our cookies, as well as in the 7/ork we do in our other 4-H Club projects, we stress ouality.

C, are chosen early in the year; and towards the autumn the champion home economics girl for the year is chosen as the Rhode Island delegate to attend the ITational 4-H Club Congress at Cliicago.(over) -2- 'Tnis year I was chosen as the lucky girl to go to Chicago* Of all the honors I have achieved as a 4-H Club member, I - think this was the greatest.Boys and girls from every town and comrnvriity in Rhode Island assemble there to obtain instructions from nationally known experts in agriculture, home economics and recreation.From this splendid group of 4-H Club members are chosen delegates to represent the state at Canrp Yail at the Eastern States Exposition. I tho-ught then I had done about as well in club work as could be expected of a boy 15 years old, but little did I realize the fubore.

., : ' Besides t'nis district organization of older members Me have a State honor U-H organization Iznovm as the Counselor Chapter of 'AH Stars, the national ^-H. "In the three years I _ have shov/n my birds in small numbers at Poultry Shbv/s I have v/on as follows:' " 26 firsts, 13 seconds, 11 thirds, 5 fourths and 3 color specials.Tills yuar I axa housing about 300 birds for layers.All of them are Single Comb V/liite Leghorns, • I'm. ' • ^ P Y F I ' V £ D 0:: HHODS ISL^'D 4-H CLIB ^OBK i ! DT'or-.'-.'-ici ut Acriotiituio A radio talk Dy Dagny E. Here v;e met members from almost every State in the United States. As State poultry champion I v/as av/arded the Q,ua]-cer oats Scholarship covering the expenses as a delegate from Hhode Island to the National ^-H Congress './hich v/as held last month in Chicago. .;: -■.;:,-; I started with the small nianber of twenty-four . It was losing the chance to attend this camp that verjr nearly" cost me my U-H career tv/o years before. Here I met outstanding ^-K members from Maine to Virginia-, Each State demonstrated one of its out- standing projects. The follov/ing June the Rhode Island delegation to the ITational ^-H Club Camp at ./ashington, D. , consisted of two girls and two boj^s, including myself.I had the time of my life seeing, in company with the other 1500 cluh.