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However, if you have a bad swing or little skill in shotmaking, expensive high-tech equipment has only ego value. keep Bobby Jones' record in mind recalling his thin blade putter and 'fishing rod' flex hickory shafts ..As noted in the club descriptions some clubs have been 'refreshed'.

Today, professional player-promoted golf equipment sales drive the market.

However, few golfers play like the pros or have the hours each day to practice.

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He was a quiet man and not one to boast on his accomplishments - a true gentleman and classy person.

Even his teaching Paul Newman shotmaking for 'The Hustler' seemed uneventful in our conversations.

Items that are 'picked up' and not shipped require cash or money order. Please email for availability as inventory updates are not real time.

Shipping Charges to lower 48 States only: In the 1930's, Bobby Jones knelt beside a set of paired length irons in a Spalding ad.

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Clubs do make some contribution but it is relatively minor in comparison.