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Some say it a culture and every vendor in the industry claims that their tools help with Dev Ops.

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As a substitute for legal tender, they are becoming the rage for investors and others but because there is no government agency auditing or performing regulatory oversights, you wonder if it is the perfect breeding ground for electronic nanocrime.Since the introduction of the Bitcoin, some competitors have emerged and the whole segment of cryptocurrencies are defined as Altcoins.Putting "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device" in the context of our today’s digital lifestyle we find a lot of truth.There is a reason why Google provides most of its services for free or why Amazon wants us to have an Echo in every home or why Facebook has become our directory of “friends”. It is a threat to the end consumers but also a threat to the established economy.Nonetheless, we can be sure that artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to develop and impact on automation solutions as whole, even if at the moment these capabilities do not frequently exist within the RPA space.

The enterprise data storage marketplace is poised to become a battlefield.Microservices can scale elastically and by being service oriented can enable APIs natively.Microservices also reduce implementation and release cycle time and enables continuous delivery.Before 2007 and the birth of the cloud computing market we are witnessing today, the on-premise model hosted in large local data centers dominated enterprise storage.Key marketplace players were EMC (before the Dell acquisition), Net App, IBM, HP (before they became HPE) and Hitachi. In 1977, the Eagles released “Hotel California”, a song about drugs and the effects an addiction has on people.This week I had the pleasure of delivering the opening keynote at Cloud Expo New York.