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The playlist still looks the same, but now, if you share the link to the playlist with another person (using the HTTP Link or Spotify URI, also pictured), they can add, delete, and reorder songs — and those changes will be reflected for everyone with access to the playlist.

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Discover Weekly automatically refreshes every Monday, so make sure you save anything you can’t get enough of before the next Monday!

Find Discover Weekly in Your Library, under Playlists. Discover Weekly is available on all devices, whether you’re on Free or Premium.

Also, listening directly from your Discover Weekly playlist won’t influence your future suggestions.

If you want your favorite Discover Weekly songs to count towards your listening history, save them to a playlist, or listen to them elsewhere in the app.

If you really want to open the floodgates, try posting a link to a public Spotify playlist in highly-trafficked forums, Twitter, or Facebook; or, you can keep it small through email or some other controlled environment. Adding and Deleting Songs You add and delete songs in the same way that you’d do so with a regular playlist: by dragging songs from the main search window, or right-clicking the track to add it through the dialogue box.

However, unlike with your standard playlists, you may leave for an hour and come back to find that someone has deleted your favorite song.You just make a normal playlist, then right-click (control click on Mac) the playlist to see more options.You’ll see “Collaborative playlist” on the fourth line down, as pictured to the right.Anything you play during a Private Session won’t influence your Discover Weekly recommendations.Note: Private Sessions can still influence other personalised mixes we make for you, such as Release Radar.Such is the heart of the matter behind building collaborative playlists on Spotify, which has been possible for years, but only recently in America.