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Former CEO of Foreign Investment Promotion Center of the Russian Ministry of Economy Mr.Tsakunov served as a leading analyst of the Russian President Analytic Center, has 8 years experience as a General Director of the key investment promotion institution of the Government of the Russian Federation – Foreign Investment Promotion Center of the Ministry of Economy of Russia.

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Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Business and Enterprise.

Honorary Citizen of the City of Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA.

He graduated from Moscow State University and holds a Ph. Sergey Shcherbina previously worked as a vice president of Trans Tele Com Russia, which is a leading company in the telecommunications field in Russia. Sergey Shcherbina has 25-year experience in project finance, strategic development and investment advice.

Got a master's degree at MGIMO-University and MBA diploma at Chicago-Booth GSB, USA.

Namely, Konstantin worked in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, headed the office of Alexander Livschits who was a prominent Russian statesman and economist, Russian President’s representative in G8, minister of finance and deputy prime minister of Russia.

Together they established The Economic Policy Fund, where Konstantin Kozhevnikov held the post of vice-president.

He has deep knowledge of Russian market, investment opportunities in different areas of economy and specific investment projects.

After government service in the Ministry of Economy he had four years of senior banking experience in VTB Group, including position of CEO at VTB-Invest, private equity arm of VTB Bank. He is a member of Committee on investment policy of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Was a head of the strategic planning department in Aeroflot company.

Sergey Lipatov, Ph D, was in public service as a vice mayor of Sochi and a deputy head of the Russian Federation Federal Tax Service, Financial and Economic Department for several years.

After that, he concentrated on the development of Russian information and telecommunication industry and for more than 10 years held a post of president and chairman of Trans Telecom company, which is the leading telecommunications company of Russian Railways with 1.7 million customers and 76 thousand km of optic cables across Russia.

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