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Gavin will kill him if he finds out, says Andy, and it will kill Michael if he finds out. Sophie goes into the Kabin where she notices Rita has been crying.

Rita tries to pretend everything's fine but then admits that she's upset with herself for allowing Jenny Bradley to get to her.

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Sally offers them a drink but Faye rudely makes him leave. Norris doesn't get any more gossip out of her than a mention that Tracy is being her usual gobby self. Gail pops in to the cafe to pick up some cakes she's ordered.She sees Callum in the corner with his shopping bags.Anna chats to Faye about a school trip but Faye doesn't want to go. The girls notice Jenny's jacket still laying over the sofa. Gail and Rita chat about the wedding plans and all there is to do. (Remember, he too had a difficult relationship with his own father). She wants her to be happy and healthy and Faye needs to talk to her if anything's bothering her.She's also showing signs of a cold and Anna determines that she seems to be running a bit of a fever. Faye runs out and away from Anna fussing and the potential of a probing doctor. Steph offers to help and Gail gratefully hands her a list and some money. Norris asks if she's changing her name and Gail affirms she is. Anna recalls Faye when she first came, feisty as all get out.Things fall apart and the lad and David argue, with Max tossing the hurtful "I want my real dad" out. He clearly likes the look of his mate's girlfriend and insists she stays for a cup of tea.

David suddenly seems to have lost his parenting skills.

Anna decides that in that case she'd better go to the pub too. She's desperate for a word with Gavin' but he's too busy talking to Leanne about Gail's suggestion that he and Nick should do their wedding speeches as a rap.

Before Steph can talk to Gavin', Gail and Michael arrive.

David does a poor impression of a good Dad, petulantly telling Max that Callum only gives him stuff. Sharif and Michelle watch in amusement as the Woody lurches its way up Coronation Street.

Across the street, Beth is trying to pull out of a night out with Tracy.

She mentions she has to go to Gavin's flat to take delivery of the wedding present. Jenny won't tell her, but assures her she didn't get it off Kevin. The money was to make her go away and she tells her again. Jenny doesn't take the envelope back so Rita tears it up and turns her back. Max comes downstairs still wearing his hat along with his wedding suit.