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You do not have to keep eye contact all the time when talking to someone.

A short and infrequent eye-to-eye contact might be your safe choice and you might want to avoid steady gaze when talking to a woman.

Discussion of your own home and culture are likely to be meaningless as there are few points of intersection.

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Sudanese love to express their political opinions and you might want to reserve that for later friendly debate.You should know the Sudanese people are very simple, easygoing people and they have good faith in strangers or people they’ve never met before. Usually they blame the government for the low living standards and the problems they are currently facing in the Middle East.Remember hand gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice signify a lot when talking to someone.An affectionate greeting - such as a hug or a clasp while clapping somebody’s shoulder - is very common between friends and family members.Talk of family and children are usually safe, although in areas where polygamy is common, monogamy may be viewed as humorous!

Be prepared to laugh with the people, especially when you are the subject of the joke.

It is best not to touch someone, but do not recoil if they touch you.

One can be firm but it is better to be calm and even-toned.

During festivities, such as a wedding or a birth, gift-giving demonstrates love and care for the whole family.

In difficult times such as a death, a sickness or an accident, your visit is very important but you shouldn’t bring a gift. Sudanese are very social people and it is recommended to have visit exchanges and to accept all invitations.

Sudanese are similar to Canadians when it comes to communication issues.