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On Saturday, we toured my cousin’s new house and got to meet some of her horses.I always love to see the horses and farm animals, since I’m a city slicker.Lucky for you, this is my last market report — my apologies to those of you who are sick of hearing about market. I had a great time meeting The Quilt Taffy girls (Corrie and Des) when they came to Kellie’s booth.

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They’re reissuing all of the old prints and there’s a new print that’s super cute. We got there just at closing and they couldn’t use Kellie’s bank card inside the bank, and by the time we went out to the machine, the lobby was closed, so we had to go through the drive-thru line too (to get change for sample spree).

It’s a lot like the main print from the first line — there are several groupings of Ghastlie people doing different things. I can’t remember, all I could see was the knitting) Knitting!!! (Sorry, I didn’t even get a picture.) As for any other fabric, I went to Sample Spree intending to be well-behaved and not really get anything. Now apparently, they don’t have drive-thru banking down under (ok, this time I’m not making it up — what’s up with that?

I really debated, because I was leaving for Salt Lake and market early the next morning.

But I kept thinking, what if I miss something exciting?

After that, it’s a big blur except for meeting people when they came by the booth. I’m hoping to get back to a more normal this week — reading blogs and answering e-mails. And, as you’ll notice — I didn’t get any pictures of any of the above. I was so sorry to have missed the big blogger party on Saturday night — everyone said they had such a wonderful time and it would have been so fun just to have some time to visit with everyone. It was super fun to see the famous polka dotted rocker back in the corner behind Camille. If only I’d known that The Quilted Fish was serving cupcakes on the first day LOL!!!

I was very sorry to have missed the big blogger party on Saturday night, but I had a good excuse. Anyway, on the few moments that I managed to escape from the booth, I took a few pictures. And can someone please remind me who’s pretty booth this is? Sorry to have kept you for so long…up will be the Gulls. XOXO, Anna I had a fabulous time at market — it was so much fun.

It was awesome for hauling around all the market stuff. I REALLY wanted to see Sarah Jane’s new line of fabric, and I did. There were still a few people who didn’t know what Roar-edge applique is and one woman answered “by plane” when Kellie asked her “how you going” (which means how are you doing) — hysterical! I’m taking a break here to show you the anthro displays — they’re always so cool. Not sure how I feel about destroying these antique dressers, but embedding them in concrete is certainly original.

We just thought it was a little funny looking, thus the nickname LOL! It’s just adorable, and it’s moved to the top of my wanty list. On Tuesday, we ran lots of errands to get stuff for the booth.

On our way home, we decided we should check in on the mare. When we pulled up to the barn, Strawberry was standing near the door pictured above, but his head was in the barn. Before we knew it, the little foal plopped right out.

I jokingly told my uncle that “something must be going on in there and Stawberry is watching”. My uncle, cousin, cousin’s daughter and I got up to the door and they pointed their flashlights into the barn. The mare was lying down and heaving and the whole process was just starting. You have to imagine the four of us crowded around that little door in the dark, watching the whole thing with two flashlights and whispering. The mare didn’t pay much attention to her, so my uncle stepped in for a moment and cut the amniotic sack away from her face so she could breathe.

It took the mare quite awhile to pay attention to her new baby.