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Someone once said that the eyes are the window to the soul. He will have direct eye contact during conversations with you to show you that he is interested in you and what you have to say.The amount of eye contact usually increases as the relationship grows.Biomedical and technological industries have arrived since the 1980s, and the city now accounts for 10% of the United Kingdom's digital-entertainment industry.

They seldom verbalize their feelings and frequently make women wonder what they might be thinking.

Instead of verbal communication, a man's body often speaks on his behalf giving you signs he is falling for you.

Firmly holding your hand or putting a hand on the small of your back while walking to the car are crystal clear signs he is starting to care.

When you are observing a man's body language for signs he is falling for you, remember that all men are not exactly the same and some may have all of the signs, while others only have two or three signs.

This, along with its other major industries gave Dundee its epithet as the city of "jute, jam and journalism".

Today, Dundee is promoted as "One City, Many Discoveries" in honour of Dundee's history of scientific activities and of the RRS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic exploration vessel, which was built in Dundee and is now berthed at Discovery Point.* Please note: External sites which can be accesssed through Leisure and Culture Dundee web pages may result in your information being stored and used by that provider.Leisure and Culture Dundee strongly recommends that you read the terms and conditions of these site carefully before continuing.The mid-year population estimate for 2016 was 148,270, giving Dundee a population density of 2,478/km or 6,420/sq mi, the second-highest in Scotland.It lies within the eastern central Lowlands on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, which feeds into the North Sea.His face will reveal his emotions through non-verbal communication.