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More than six decades after publication, the book remains influential in scholarship of the Qur’an.

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Here is a piece of very simple information, easy to transport, easy to understand, impossible to refute and that should be shared, far and wide, using social media: Islam has always been spread through violence.

Islam was created by a man claiming to be a prophet, named Muhammad. He also authored a best seller called “The Holy Quran” which is the central text that is to be followed by all Muslims.

Muhammad and his (small) band of followers moved to Yathrib (now Medina), another oasis, in September 622, the (migration or journey), Islam’s entry into history, the first event for which we have any independent evidence.

In Medina, Muhammad was initially an intermediary between warring factions, the Aus and Khazraj clans, and soon took supremacy on his own.Barred from a return to Mecca, Muhammad’s followers would conquer the city in January 630 and cleanse it of pagan idols.By the time Muhammad died in June 632 he had rulership over most of the southern Arabian Peninsula and was engaged in another of many wars with unbelievers to expand his dominion.When scholar Tom Holland turned his critical eye on the foundation story of Islam in 2012, he was hounded with much abuse and driven from the airwaves.Yet much of what he wrote about can be found in Bell’s book, written all those decades before, and is common knowledge among scholars of the Qur’an.The Quran commands the followers of Islam to “Strike terror into the heart of the unbeliever“.