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The more you celebrate what’s working about it and let it be what it is and the less you define it in terms of what it isn’t, the happier you’ll be. You don’t try to manage the other person’s emotions for them. In the moment, it’s “” If you can’t honestly check in with the other person, you shouldn’t be fucking. You have to acknowledge the inherently temporary nature of this kind of relationship.In most cases, a happy friends-with-benefits relationship is one that naturally runs its course.

Not everyone who makes you feel happy feelings in your pants or even lights up your heart is destined to be half of a functional couple (which can be a very heartbreaking and hard lesson to learn).In trying to develop a Universal Theory of Ummm Friends, here’s what stands out to me as ways to improve your chances: 1.Christian (Marketing manager of The Soup Spoon) shared with us that it is a combination exclusive to White Sands! : D The Soup Spoon has all along been my go-to option for comfort food after a tough day at work.I love how soup always makes my tummy feel warm and cosy. As I prefer clear soup, this was slightly too heavy for my taste buds :p Flavourful chicken soup!Either it turns into something else, or one or both of you meets someone else. He told you he was romantically interested and you said “No” and then you worked out this arrangement?

(If you’re the exception to this rule, I salute you).

So what's different about this Soup Spoon Union as compared to other branches elsewhere?

They have 3 brands- The Salad Fork, The Grill Knife and The Soup Spoon.

For me, White Sands has been one of the places I frequented during my secondary school days as well as the dating place with B, so it holds a significant spot in our hearts ;) I was so happy when I heard that there are shops which have newly opened in White Sands.

Yay to more shopping, food options and chillax venue!

I went home for the summer which afforded some metaphorical cooling down, but also allowed me to obsessively recall the details of the hookups and wonder if The Friend might be too attached.