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With an inspired mindset, seek out the kind of person you are looking for.

And anyone familiar with the dating world knows that can be easier said than done! You can meet your future husband or wife anywhere — online, at singles events, through matchmakers or introductions.

Bari Lyman, dating coach and creator of the Meet to Marry Method, is on a mission to help you ‘be the one to find the one’. You can even meet him or her when you least expect it! Another client was at her daughter’s preschool when a fellow parent introduced her to the amazing man she married just a few months later.

If you want to emulate these inspiring dynamics in your future marriage, look for people who embody these qualities and notice how it feels when you are with them.

If you are looking for powerful communication, notice if you and your date are communicating in a way that feels good.

You want to create a really vivid picture of these things and then share your complete vision with friends, family, and those in your community who can make great suggestions.

Ask the right questions: If you are marriage minded, share your vision, goals, strengths, and passions with potential dates and ask them what their relationship goals are, what makes them tick, what their life vision is.Bari Lyman is an expert dating coach and creator of the Meet to Marry Method™.Over the past 10 years, Bari has helped hundreds of single men and women—of all ages and backgrounds—experience quick breakthroughs, which put them on a clear path to meeting and marrying their extraordinary lifetime love.Soul Search is a dynamic initiative designed to connect marriage-minded Jewish singles of all ethnic backgrounds and religious observance levels through exclusive events, educational programming and matchmaking opportunities.A series of weekly classes featuring various guest speakers who provide insight on how to build and maintain happier, healthier relationships.If you want to experience empathy, notice if you and your date are empathic towards one another during your interactions.