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Will Conway likewise wants to shift the story from terrorism to Frank's crimes.

Though the military vet isn't opposed to war, he doesn't want it to work in his opponent's favor.

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Consider Claire’s visit to New York City, where she’s promoting a range of gas masks for people to wear in the event of a chemical attack. She runs into Ken Caswell, an old schoolmate of Frank’s, who has bad news: Tim Corbet, the classmate with whom Frank had a youthful fling, has gone missing after a trip on the Arkansas River, and is feared dead.Ken’s own life might hang in the balance, too, judging by the way Claire reacts to his suggestions that Frank and Tim had a (wink, wink) special relationship.In addition to putting out his own fires — running mate General Brockhart (Colm Feore) needs to toe the line, while his wife Hannah (Dominique Mc Elligott) has been expressing sympathy for the at-large Masterson's mother — he recruits right-leaning Democratic congressman Alex Romero (James Martinez) to join the declaration of war committee and sway the vote. When she's approached by reporters after the meeting, she's visibly distraught, and asks her son to turn himself in. For her next trick, Claire pays a visit to a burnt-down convenience store in North Carolina. Someone's clearly onto her bullshit, because a man shouts "War whore!Claire's big plan is to "dial up the terror." She arranges a meeting with Masterson's mother, accusing the woman of raising a monster and offering to play her the video footage of her son beheading James Miller. There's no reason to think that this is anything but run-of-the-mill arson, but the first lady spins it so that it's all presented as yet another example of terrorism on U. " and then splashes black paint all over her nice khaki suit.He's convinced that the NSA is onto him; old pal Le Ann Harvey (Neve Campbell) convinces him to hack into the NSA's system. Frank's call to James Miller's widow doesn't go as planned; he expects her to thank him for taking out her husband's killer.

He agrees, and finds a way to backdoor into social media, which might prove useful at A. She tells him to get lost and to take Miller's name out of his mouth.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, she's still sleeping with Tom Yates (Paul Sparks), even though he steals her stuff and helps himself to the White House kitchen.

There's been a lot of talk about FBI raids targeting Joshua Masterson. The bruised and battered criminal won't give up any ICO intel, but does hock up a big wad of spit the president's way.

Matthews is due to testify before the committee investigating Frank.

In exchange for an EPA “swag heap” that’ll create jobs in his state, he’ll stay mum.

This is especially crucial in five swing states: Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.