Tips for dating someone in the army

Why men love a damsel in distress While courting, women like to be treated with care and respect. When either sex experiences these emotions while spending time with a particular member of the opposite sex, they end up inevitably desiring the person even if there isn’t any mutual attraction to begin with.

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And he’ll be more than happy to help you out again.Show off your independence If you’re dating a guy, don’t play the damsel in distress all the time. But when he isn’t with you, don’t call him over and ask him to help you out unless you really do need his help.But at the same time, there’s a thin line between needing a man and being needy.Get this wrong, and you could do more damage to the relationship than good.While much of the courting game of dating and falling in love depends on mutual attraction, there’s another secret force that most men and women don’t think about – the evaluation of desirability.

Do you really like a guy or does he really like you? Answering these questions to yourself will help you understand and evaluate someone you meet as a potential date.

You may be perfectly capable of handling everything in your life, but ask a man for a manly helping hand now and then and he’ll feel good about it.

Ask him to help you in a man’s job Are you having trouble carrying something heavy?

When a man finds a situation where a woman needs help, he understands two things. And secondly, she’s going to be easily approachable and perhaps even grateful for his help.

And all men love women who are easily approachable.

And even if they don’t wear the pants, they want to feel like they do.