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They didn’t just leave her to go to Marquee or Tenjune or Bungalow 8 or wherever the kids are going these days to drink Champagne and make mistakes with 23-year-old boys named Chad. But hey, when you’re 22 and someone offers to pick up the tab, you go no matter where it is. ) face when Ramona suggests that they have dinner parties once a month is priceless.

She is a mother of two grown adults who is past 50 and wanted everyone to be excited that she wore a bedazzled tank top that said “Mrs.D’Agostino to Be” even though they all just stared at it blinkingly like a 13-year-old just tried to explain Snapchat filters to them.Every single item in Blac Chyna’s wardrobe is nicer, chicer, and more sophisticated.That ice luge is like an old woman trying to prove how hip and cool she is by taking her daughter and all of her friends out for dinner and drinks wearing their shortest skirts. It was bad enough when I thought Emma, Emily, Morgan, Zoe, Chloe, Madison, Sarah, and Bella (the most blandly named coven of witches in all of creation) were Avery’s college friends. As Ramona points out, she has known them since they all had braces and couldn’t drive. This is it,” Jill Zarin said as she took her phone out of his hand and watched the footage over again, the little lantern of light coming from her hand throwing shaky shadows against the leaves of the palm trees overhead, which were rocking slightly in the breeze, as if shaking their heads.It’s a completely absurd comedy of errors with all of these horrible people attending sad parties and you can’t do anything but look into the glitter-tinted misery of their existence.

The centerpiece of these parties is Luann’s marriage to Tom, a Brooks Brothers mannequin with the soul of a cigar bar.

It’s like her bedroom is the International House of Something Else That Starts With P.

But then she starts to get serious with the French guy. I mean, he moves in, but neither of them really wants to describe their relationship. “It’s all about good food and sleeping well and having good sex.

Sonja Tremont Morgan of the Gristedes Morgans shows up with her younger man, but he’s actually somewhat age-appropriate.

There’s less of an age difference between her and “Frenchie,” as she likes to call him because of the way he kisses, than Tinz and Chad or Carole and Adam.

One was Ramona’s charity event, which was so insignificant we don’t even get a segment on it.