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Also, as always, great year-end lists, A Canadian and Ralphus.---------- Got time to answer the poll question so: I'm turned off by black eyes and bruises on a victim.I mean, I could technically afford it, but I generally don't spend that much on entertainment. That was before I realized that the download, which automatically burns onto a blank DVD at the same time you're downloading it, is the exact same thing quality-wise.

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The amount I might spend each month can vary depending on what I want to see and/or own, and what's available.I do download some movies off the 'Net, but the flicks I'm lifting are Japanese porn movies that are only available to me in pirated forms, regardless of how I get them. If I see something I really like, I'll still buy the disc.You have done a great Job on your review and have had great discussion.But now i think you need to put it too bed, from where i am sitting it feels like your slowly choking your members me included, by pushing this Movie down our throats at every given opportunity this is oversell and you will harm the over all sales and success of it in the end if you keep this up.Yes Ralphus man i am here to save you from yourself.

I remember the excited about the release of Maleficarum, when it started on this board and i too was very excited but it seems like years that this Movie has been promoted in here and i for one am so sick of hearing about it over and over and over no offence.

Akin to how the internet affected video, for example, or in turn how video affected adult theaters.

The poll question: I don't really have a monthly limit.

Nowadays, I might go as high as a month, but even that figure is shrinking.

I haven't bought a membership to anything recently as nothing new has really rung my bell and there's just so much legitimitely (not file-sharing) free stuff out there to satisfy my needs.

It's a torture-filled movie and that's not going to ring everyone's bell.