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Feel free to start a specific forum on *YOUR* club. Outline how to join, how to contact the club, the name of your journal and post entire contents of each journal if you wish - with photos! Societies are the backbone of the hobby and we are delighted to support them as much as we can. They can add 'Stickies' or 'announcements' to be at the top of the Forum.

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Roll Call -- This Thread MUST be your *FIRST* Port Of Call here! All new members are invited and urged to make this thread their FIRST port of call. Please do not discuss ebay in THIS forum as we have a separate and popular Forum for that discussion. Report and discuss fakes, forgeries, scammers and con-men. They added a black Ransom icon to your images on global boards, or ebay etc. Members have saved 100,000 images so far - VOLUNTEER to assist please!

Please do **NOT** start a new thread in THIS forum - just add to the one long one. Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team You ask the questions - SOMEONE will have the answers! Also fee discussion, and low listing fee promos etc. Moderators: Big Saint, CMJ, The Royal County, AMark, Canada stamper, snaws, kuikka, mobbor, tonga2, GUTTERS, Philip Adams, Kainnikanada, librarianc, Lakatoi 4, alex_c_y1977, Alastair, Plenty Gaps, Greg Ioannou, saphilatelist, gavin-h, Rog, Scotsman Abroad, Rob1956, GBCC, imworld, vasia, starling, Lundy, crosscrescent, Kaygeevee, Pdot K, peterh, Greaden, traralgon3844, petercollects0, carmel, Margo Z, Old Duffer1, lesbootman, VFND55, Jon Eboy, Bunge, jjarmstrong47, rsellens, Global Administrator, wattsup, fromdownunder, Brenda VR, Frank_King, johnrcrow, benjclark, Allanswood, honza, Mark Houston, Kevin Hedley, Jose Paulo, henrik_rrb, sickchef, vinobub, tomiseksj, Brummie, john6625, Arakan, ozstamps, DK, Philexx, Uppercanadian, ewen s, Jose Chandran, jaywalker, pmc, acutipuerilis, jaydee, Glen Stephens, Elkra, fletches1, goof, vicaf60, jeneralist, Kiwidude, Girish Vaidya, aviwire, Jim Fegy, adam78, capetriangle, Wayne1951, gmoney, Stephan, Wolfgang, Possum, mdhewitt, The Pom, Dave R, warm, mcgooley, Wgthomus, Brieffies WF, Ma Ju NO question is too basic or silly - you ask - we WILL help you with it!

"The Food Association Thread" and "Counting down from 300 Thread" and other similar intellectual classics. Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team Knowledge really is power in this hobby! There are some superb and incredibly useful reference books, and catalogues out there.

Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team Cinderellas etc - all the stamps that are NOT regular postage stamp related We all have and handle these from time to time. And tools to measure perforations or paper thickness or USB magnifiers etc Please add your new discoveries - and recommendations to this forum.

No charge - totally **FREE** for stamp board members to use to use. Whether we own them or not we all love LOOKING at philatelic Gems and goodies. Add your comments WHY this stamp or cover or item is superb or unusual.

Or lift them from an auction site to share with other members, if that does not breach their copyright notice.

You can get answers easily in our Frequently Asked Questions below, which cover everything you need to know to start your phone chat experience.

At Black Chat Mate, we always like to treat our new callers nicely. We want our associates that are new to see full service, so that your chat line numbers free trial lets you access to all or any kinds, together with the live chat.

In all OTHER forums start as many NEW ones as you wish! Stampboards has 1000s of regular readers who WILL take the time to help out even with the most basic question.

Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team Discuss stamps - and *anything* at ALL happening with stamps News items. If you are new to stamps - or taking up the hobby after a long break, there is a lot to learn.

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