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The Central Ridge Route was the main artery of traffic in the region, passing directly through ancient Jerusalem.Jerusalem history, thus, was tied to the other cities along this route.The Kidron separated Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives in the east.

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(A) finds that there is a substantial likelihood that the habeas corpus petition will be granted; and (B) after giving each alleged victim in the matter an opportunity to be heard, finds by clear and convincing evidence that under conditions imposed by the court, the petitioner is not likely to flee or pose a danger to any person or the community if released.

Water plays a significant role in Jerusalem history, as it does in the history of the Ancient Near East.

Jericho lay to the east of Jerusalem, one of the lowest points on earth.

The Dead Sea, at 1,292 feet below the Mediterranean, is the lowest point on earth and ten miles south of Jericho.

(A) creates or eliminates any Federal or State criminal jurisdiction over Indian country; or (B) affects the authority of the United States or any State government that has been delegated authority by the United States to investigate and prosecute a criminal violation in Indian country.

(i) In general.—A participating tribe may not exercise special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction over an alleged offense if neither the defendant nor the alleged victim is an Indian.

It becomes quite evident the history of Jerusalem covers the entire time period of the Old Testament.

Beginning in Genesis 14 with Melchizedek the king of Salem, the Bible even peers into the future of Jerusalem with much talk about New Jerusalem, where God dwells among us in His Holy Temple on His Holy Mountain.

These two ridges were each flanked by a valley, and separated by another valley as well.

The Western Ridge was flanked by the Hinnom Valley, which ran along its western and southern slopes.

(ii) Definition of victim.—In this subparagraph and with respect to a criminal proceeding in which a participating tribe exercises special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction based on a violation of a protection order, the term ‘victim’ means a person specifically protected by a protection order that the defendant allegedly violated.