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However, the next week on television, the low-lights of the reception were shown. Undertaker gave the more fashionable steel chair to the back of the head to Savage.A huge feud developed between Roberts and Savage which was highlighted by a cobra gnawing on the arm of the "Macho Man".Before the ceremony ended, both wrestlers backed out and said it was only a publicity stunt and then blamed their manager Rico.

Currently, he is the on-screen Chief Operating Officer.

In real life, he works in the backstage area of the business, as Executive Vice President of Talent Development and Relations, as well as a "Senior Advisor" to Vince Mc Mahon, and his position as Development EVP means that the developmental show WWE NXT is a major focus of his.

Miss Elizabeth & Randy Savage - Summer Slam 8/26/91This wedding took place at Madison Square Garden and was the final segment of the second biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of the year.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened happened during the ceremony.

Married (yes, for real - Kayfabe made things kinda weird here, we know) to Stephanie Mc Mahon, the daughter of WWE chairman/CEO Vince Mc Mahon.

In 50-year history of WWE, there have been 16 televised wedding ceremonies or receptions.

Stephanie Mc Mahon & Test - RAW 11/29/99This was supposed to be a classy ceremony.

As a precaution, Vince Mc Mahon said that if Triple H or any members of D-Generation X ruined the ceremony they would be fired.

The night ended with Ventura's face being smashed into the wedding cake.

The most amazing part of this story is that Hillbilly Jim told me the ceremony was legitimate and that Uncle Elmer and Joyce really left the Meadowlands as husband and wife.

There are many things that fans have learned over the years thanks to these ceremonies.