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There’s more to Archie than abs and his body and getting with girls and stuff like that. I walked past her in a car and I looked at her and smiled and she completely just looked away and I was really gutted.He’s a humanized character, and people should see past that, you know what I mean? ] I just like to imagine actors going into auditions wearing red wigs. All the guys that I’d met at the audition, none of them were American either, so that was also crazy as well.

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The CW teen drama has taken a decidedly broodier and definitely sexier take on the Archie comics, and a lot of that has to do with casting, with Greg Berlanti & Co. I’m sitting there for at least two-and-a-half hours, so I’m on my i Pad and I read some scripts and stuff. They ended up bleaching my eyebrows, and I had two holes — they burnt into my skin. I just came over here to the States and it was something I was able to do. I used to talk to myself as a kid in an American accent. (An independent investigation concluded that the footage had been edited and that animals had not been harmed.) Vulture got on the phone to talk to Apa about suffering through a “gnarly” dye job, who he’s shipping on , and what it’s like to become a sex object. So, two weeks max I can go shooting, and then I have to get it dyed again. It was really painful the first and the second time I got it done because they do my eyebrows as well. I never actively went out and studied the American accent.Issue 2: I had put aside some stock in the warehouse to purchase for myself at a later date. On this date I did not do this but I have admitted to having done it in the past.They've shown me the security rules that I signed and yes this is a breech of security rules.Hi guys, I'm not sure if anyone can really help or say anything but I just needed to get it out of my system and write it all down because I'm so stressed about it all.

I was called into an investigation yesterday to discuss a few different things with my manager. Such as a consultant in a big store like debenhams. I always work by myself and I have one co-worker who works alternate days to me so we don't usually see each other.Most of what I've been accused of is true but it just feels so unfair and I feel like gross misconduct is a bit extreme but I can't see any way of not being sacked. I did take the day in question as holiday but they are saying I didn't fill in a holiday form.I know I did and as we fill in all of our yearly holiday on one form that means a week and one day I had in April were also unauthorised however I was never asked about this and I was paid for it and it was written on the rota.I agree with all of that but I'm not the only member of staff to have done this. I told my manager about this and told her I would make the time up which I believe I did. I'm pretty much certain I have made the time up and our signing in/out book isn't always available so I can't rely on that for evidence as I may not have signed in/out and to be honest it's so many dates that I couldn't give concrete evidence on where/when I was doing things. We've been extremely busy at work of late plus I'm pregnant and really not feeling well along with my nan having been seriously poorly and going into a home, possibly moving house and my ds getting sorted for a new school I can say I probably haven't been as vigilant as I should've been.Do I declare this and risk getting my colleagues into trouble? Issue 4: On my contract I'm set to work 10-3 however, when I took these shifts I told my line manager at the time I would need to start early/leave late (still doing the set amount of hours) in order to get my little boy to and from school. All of a sudden it's been picked up on as an issue.It’s an easy accent to do, I think, in terms of accents. Are you rooting for one couple over another for Archie?